Effwa’s Mission on Industrial Environmental Issues

One of the major challenges for every industry is to achieve high environmental and working environment standards while striving to achieve profitability and effectiveness. Effwa helps companies to think in overall solutions, which means, among other things, that the environment and the working environment become integrated parts of the daily operations. As part of the analysis of the conditions we carry out specific risk assessments and prepare concrete solutions.

We follow 4 R’s approach with high-end engineering solutions to industries with the right solution, in the right place, at the right time with specific orientation towards Reduction, Recovery, Recycling and Rehabilitation through services like wastewater solutions, sewage treatment and biomedical waste management in India, which shall promise our next and future generation a healthier environment to manage.

Reduction Recovery Recycling Rehabilitation


Effwa specializes in comprehensive audit of existing water and waste water treatment facilities to assist owners to reduce energy consumption while increase the capacity output without major construction cost and in long term, reduce the operating cost. Before reviewing the operation of the Effluent treatment plant, companies are urged to take action to minimize the amount and strength of the effluent created by production processes and in turn it will reduce the need of effluent treatment plants and thus save both money and effort.


One of the ways to reduce the impact of water scarcity and pollution is to expand water and wastewater recovery. Effwa provides recovery of wash water, energy through incineration: a waste treatment technology which includes the combustion of waste for recovering energy.


Since there is a lot of waste that can be recycled in the end of effluent treatment, Effwa offers Effluent Recycling Plants. With the help of these recycling plants, the overall energy consumption can be reduced significantly.


Rehabilitating the older plants is very important part of wastewater solutions created by Effwa. Synchronizing the induction of new unit operations replacing the old unit processes can be proved to be the major factor of reduction in operating and manufacturing costs for an industry. Effwa offers unique solution which can increase the capacity of an existing plant by 60 to 100% within few months and without prolonged shut down of the unit and any additional foot print.

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